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Nancy and Les were very conscientious and professional for the entire three months that they took care of our cats and the house. I trusted them completely to handle some banking for us and to monitor for incoming checks in the mail. They updated us regularly on the cat’s health and the state of the winter garden. It was obvious that our cats were well loved and pampered – the photos we received showed them content and bonded. When we returned, the cats were calm and relaxed and the house was clean and tidy. I know the weather during the winter was rainy and not much sun – not the best of conditions to learn about a new city. But they dived in and kept a positive outlook and kept their 3-month commitment.
From the beginning of our arrangements, we trusted them. That meant we could enjoy our 3-month trip out of country – we never had an anxious moment about how things were going at home.
I highly recommend them as house and pet sitters (especially cats!) Organised Reliable Self Sufficient Tidy Pet Care ★  Phyllis & Alan, Ashland OR

I had the great fortune to find Nancy and Les on House Carers while planning a trip over the holidays. They were house sitting nearby (in the same state) and more than willing to schedule a trip to my house to meet before either of us made any commitments. While that in itself is a rare treat it eased my mind completely to invite these wonderful folks into my home while I was away.

My black lab can be intimidating but didn’t blink an eye when they met. What a relief! Nancy kept in contact with notes and photos during my vacation that showed me my dogs were comfortable doing their favorite things like sleeping in bed and laying by the fire. My house was clean when I left but spotless when I returned. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and they would be welcomed back with open arms.   Lenore, Langley, Whidbey Island, WA January 2016

Nancy and Les were great house and pet sitters for us. After a couple bad and so-so experiences I was nervous about another house sitter so I arranged to meet them before. We hit it off immediately and made me feel comfortable with them staying at our condo. During the 10-day sit Nancy sent me a couple updates about my kitty and let me know what their plans were about leaving. When we arrived home we found the place cleaner than we left it! Everything looked great and nothing was missing (a prior problem). The cat just looked at us and walked away which is a sign that she was spoiled as much as usual. The only problem is that they won’t be available in our area for a long time since they’re booked out!     Organised Reliable Self Sufficient Tidy Pet Care ★      Barbara, Portland OR December 2015

Nancy and Les took care of our home and cat for almost a month. They were exceedingly trustworthy and dealt with challenging weather, including power outages and potential flooding with a positive attitude. Nancy was an exceptional communicator so we felt as if we knew what was happening. Our cat was well taken care of, in fact she seems to miss Nancy and Les. 🙂
The house was spotless when we returned. We would have them stay again without any hesitation. And I would be happy to answer any questions other home and pet owners might have.    Organised Reliable Self Sufficient Tidy Pet Care ★    Anne and Steve Portland OR December 2015

Nancy and Les were absolutely wonderful home and pet sitters. I was extremely pleased with the attention and care they gave my two cats while I was away for an extended vacation. It is challenging and time consuming taking care of two different diets and habits and Nancy and Les handled it very well. I was also pleased with the respect they gave my property. I think the house looked better under their care than mine! I would love for them to come back every time I take a trip away from home.    Dawn, Pt. Townsend, WA  November 24, 2015

Nancy and Les cared for our 8 Cats in Mexico for 3 weeks. They were fantastic. The house was immaculate upon our return.
They had arrived to a house with a sick cat, they went into action and got organized right away for the next vet visit. Nancy administered meds. to Thomas. Little Morgan needs his mouth sprayed morning and night, Nancy had that down to a science right away. Return Vet visits were needed, no problem for these two, they had use of our car and Les had no problem with our village traffic and Mexican drivers.
What we appreciated most of all, our cats were really well cared for, lots of loving and play time. They were all well adjusted and quite happy when we returned. We were able to enjoy our getaway with no concerns.
Nancy and Les are very professional, sending us reports and pictures.
As we got to know them a bit more, we enjoyed their company very much. So friendly and reliable. The most competent pet/housesitters we have had.
We would highly recommend these two and hope we can reconnect with them again in the future. They have certainly set the bar that much higher for future pet sitters. Thank You!!!!   Organised Reliable Self Sufficient Tidy Pet Care Catherine and Peter, Aijic, MX May 2015

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Nancy and Les did a terrific house sit for us and our 4 legged best girl. They were responsive, dependable, and sent emails and pictures regularly. They even went above-and-beyond and helped us getting in and out of the airport!! I was completely assured our house and dog were in excellent hands during our trip and would happily ask them to sit for us again.  Deborah E, Kalama WA  Feb. 2015                                                                                                                                                                   *Deborah gave us a 5 Star rating on Trusted House Sitters  –  Organised★ ★ ★ ★ ★  Reliable★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Self-sufficient★ ★ ★ ★ ★  Tidy★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Pet care★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Nancy took care of our household, including plants, chickens and an elderly cat, for 10 days while we were out of the country. I received frequent email updates of how the cat and chickens were doing. The house was very clean and tidy when we came home and my pets were all happy and content. I would highly recommend Nancy as a trusted house sitter.    Vicki L  Newberg, OR  June 2014

Nancy and I have worked together for the past 15 years and have become good friends in the process. As a long time professional meeting and event planner, Nancy is highly organized, pragmatic, discerning and an excellent judge of character. Nancy is also a wonderfully caring and thoughtful person who is worthy of your trust. You couldn’t ask for a better person to take care of your home and belongings. PS – she loves her animals!    Sallie S, Houston, TX

I have known Nancy for almost two decades, first through her work, then as a valued friend. Nancy is a woman of principle, hard working, creative, involved with charities and civic organizations — woman who makes things happen. Her husband, Les, has been a dear friend since high school – I think we first met in 1963. He shares a lot of Nancy’s positive traits, plus he is handy and to this day performs small home maintenance chores when he visits us. Nancy and Les have done several house-swaps and house sitting stints, and have cared for domestic pets and small farm animals. Nancy is tasteful, respectful, kind and considerate. Her home is lovely and well maintained. I would not hesitate to have her house sit for me and neither should you.    Margie P, Boston MA and Sanibel Island, FL

Nancy Thompson, and her husband Les Sims, are an incredibly conscientious, clean, reliable, responsible, resourceful, and fun couple.I’ve known Nancy for over twenty-five years and Les for fifteen years, and they are gracious and creative hosts and very thoughtful guests. You will be lucky to have them house-sit for you as they will take excellent care of every detail requested. They are both easy-going and friendly, and can get along with almost anyone.

Their own home is meticulously clean (better than most hotels) and very comfortable. Their cat and plants are beautifully and lovingly cared for. They are great planners, and they do their research before going anywhere. However, they also know how to re-group and make a new plan if a situation requires it. They are seasoned decision-makers with great common sense.    Nancy and Les are also a great team and work well together. I cannot recommend them highly enough!    Kirsten C, Lake Oswego, OR

I have known Nancy and Les for over 30 years and am a frequent guest in their home. In those 30 years they have always owned a clean, comfortable, well maintained home. As successful professionals they have lived in various parts of the country and are extremely adept at finding and using local resources. They are an honest, hard working, level headed, detailed oriented couple that LOVE pets of all kinds. I can not think of anyone better to take care of my house and cat while I am away for any length of time.       Dawn S, Pt. Ludlow, WA

I’ve known Nancy and Les for over 20 years. These two are witty, well-traveled and thoughtful friends. Nancy has been published in a few retirement books and is a travel blogger. Les was an engineer and logistics manager.They have the cutest cat, Ricky, and have had family pets including dogs, bunnies and hamsters.Your home will be filled with laughter, interesting conversation, smells of good cooking and happy pets (if you have pets). Your home will be in the best hands with these two!      Heather E, Portland, OR

I have known Nancy for 30 plus years. As her next door neighbor for many of those years I was able to observe her under the many different circumstance that face a professional woman with the responsibilities of the corporate world, a house, two children and a variety of pets. Somehow she handled it all with ease and never lost her sense of humor. Nancy has the natural disposition to be calm while being a decisive leader. Her home was the place where everyone – kids and adults alike – always wanted to hang out.
When Nancy and Les married ten years ago, they became the dynamic duo! They are physically fit and young at heart housesitting professionals who have the experience to handle any situation or emergency. They are both hardworking, handy and resourceful. Nancy never met a dog or cat she didn’t want to bend down and say hello to Les is known as “the kitty whisperer”. He loves nothing more than to sit in his recliner with the soft ball of fur and purr known as Mr. Ricky stretched out on his lap.
I highly recommend this couple for any house sitting position. I know them both to trustworthy and reliable people that would give your home and pets the same love and care they have always given their own.     Evans R, Venice, CA

Nancy is a lovely, caring, responsible person. She is the type of person you would want to leave your house in the hands of. If you did, there would be NO QUESTION about the care she would give it. She’s also an animal lover and highly responsible pet owner. I worked with Nancy for many years, and I can attest to her honesty, integrity and sense of responsibility.  Lea M, Canby, OR

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